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We provide complete residential real estate appraisal services..... Over the past twelve years San Diego Appraisal Services has established a strong reputation within the industry through accuracy, reliability, and quality. In addition, we provide excellent customer service which means keeping our clients informed on the status of their appraisal order and with clear communication and fast delivery.

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In addition to mortgage related appraisals, our services are also available for...
  1. - Removing PMI (private mortgage insurance).
  2. - Providing a nuetral third party opinion of value for setting a home's sale price for Realtors and homeowners. This service is beneficial for homeowners selling without a real estate agent (FSBO), Often Realtors turn to us to provide a second opinion on a potential sale price for a luxury home or unique property as well as unimproved land. We are a trusted advisor for both Realtors and FSBO's.

  3. - Legal Matters such as estate, divorce settlements, and bankruptcy. We also provide court testimony as an expert witness.
  4. - Estate planning for CPA's and Attorneys.
  5. - Tax assessment challenges (reducing property tax).
  6. - Any other purpose in which real estate appraisal is needed.

Property Type:

We appraise all types of residential property including single family homes, condominiums, townhomes, manufactured homes, small income property, luxury estates, beach front property, unique one of a kind property and unimproved land zoned as residential property.

We also have a commercial appraisal division that can handle all commercial property types and unimproved land.

All our appraisals are completed professionally with a commitment in providing great customer service and real added value.

Service Area:
We service all areas within San Diego including rural property as far east as Borrego Springs. If it is located in San Diego County, then we will provide service.

Why Hire San Diego Appraisal Services?

All our appraisals are completed by an experienced professional. We are well qualified to appraise all property types including residential and commercial property.

Don't trust your appraisal to any licensed appraiser...You need a California State Certified real estate appraiser that has been certified by the state of California to have the highest license level possible. What this means for you is that you are hiring an experienced professional that will deliver accurate results in a well written and easily understood format.

Call Us at: (858) 263-9111

If you require a rush appraisal, then call us and we will let you know up front if we can deliver your appraisal when you need it.

To Order an Appraisal

  • Call Us and we can setup your appraisal within minutes and get started. You may reach us at (858) 263-9111.

  • Order Online - This link will take you to our online appraisal order form. We will call to verify your order and discuss your appraisal assignment in detail.

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